Planning for your next Winter Travel?

Deciding which outfit to wear for winter can be frustrating. This is especially true if you live somewhere with very cold winters. In this case, you most likely need to choose warmth and comfort over style.

But, you definitely don’t have to choose between the two. 

There are plenty of outfits that include lots of layers, faux fur, and excellent knitwear that will actually get you excited for dressing in winter.



It goes without saying that knitwear will be part of your winter wardrobe. When it’s time to bundle up, try out a quarter-zip with a geometric cable knit. Woodsy browns and ripe burgundy hues are a great place to start.



When you’re thinking about what to wear to work this winter, it may help to start from the outside. First, pick out a coat. If your office dress code is still business professional or business formal, a trench coat or overcoat will keep any wintry gale off your back. For those of you in the neighborhood of business casual or business comfort, ditch the formality of a full-length coat. Favor a pea coat or a fleece-lined work jacket to block out the chill.



Dip your toes in this trend by pairing your favorite cable-knit sweater or flannel shirt with sweatpants or joggers. When you’re ready to refresh your at-home wardrobe, reach for head-to-toe fleece options. Kick back with lined joggers and a matching fleece hoodie in winter-approved shades like warm brown and classic blue.



To fully embody the winter hiking trend, layer up your look with a plaid flannel. Wear the classic black and red pattern open, closed or even tied around your waist if you feel the burn on your climb to the mountain top. Layering up is key while taking to the trails in the middle of winter. On top of your go-to neutral thermal, you can’t go wrong with a wool sweater or lightweight fleece.